Any modern company problem gives rise to multidisciplinary issues (e.g., accounting, legal, fiscal and IT),

any modern problem related to the holdings and income of private individuals is closely linked to both economic and also family issues,

therefore, DPZ will always offer to work with its clients’ existing lawyers.

This approach is based on the fact that in an increasingly complex and frequently cross-disciplinary legal and economic context, both companies and private individuals need to ensure that they make both optimum and secure decisions on all business or holding-related matters.

This goal cannot be achieved using lawyers with cross-disciplinary skills alone: they must also have specialist skills.

Contrary to common perceptions, such methods do not generate twice the fees (in comparison to the often extortionate additional costs generated by an ill-advised business decision, including frozen funds and tax adjustments).

Strong fiscal management is the only way to avoid such pitfalls.

This methodology generally provides a significant competitive edge.

Network & partners
DPZ is connected to a network of corresponding law firms in France and overseas, upon whom it can call if necessary, either in matters of tax law or other areas of law.

DPZ is a partner firm of NEXIA France, member of the NEXIA International network.

The NEXIA International network is active in more than 97 countries and has over 600 offices worldwide. The members of the NEXIA International network include firms of tax specialists, certified accountants, auditors and attorneys specialising in business law.

In addition, DPZ is a member of International Fiscal Association France, gathering tax professional in 67 countries. IFA is the sole association dedicated to tax with members from Tax Authorities, Tax Courts, companies and their tax advisors.

Our specific strategy is to respond proactively to the multifaceted issues faced by our clients in an international context.